Sendinblue Review 2023 – A Quick Guide!

If I say that in 2023, email marketing has never been easier, it wouldn’t be wrong. There are a bunch of tools that can automate email marketing campaigns, but one that stands out and I personally like is Sendinblue.

It was founded in 2012. This platform has steadily grown into one of the industry leaders in email marketing solutions, and now it’s trusted by over 500k users and got a 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot and Capterra.

If you have a small business and you are thinking about whether or not to use Sendinblue, then this quick guide will tell you everything you need to know about it. I’ll share with you exactly what makes Brevo (Sendinblue) stand out: its features, pricing, who is this for, Pros & cons, and more.

What Is Sendinblue?

Sendinblue is a digital marketing platform primarily known for its email marketing services. It’s an all-in-one platform. Alongside its core email services, it offers SMS campaigns, CRM services, chat, and a tailored marketing automation suite.

Why Choose Sendinblue?

Sendinblue stands out in the crowded digital marketing landscape for several compelling reasons. Firstly, it’s an all-in-one solution; whether you’re crafting emails, sending SMS campaigns, integrating live chat, or diving into automation, Sendinblue’s got you covered. Their user-friendly interface and transparent pricing ensure no unexpected costs, making it ideal for businesses watching their budget.

Who Is Sendinblue For?

Sendinblue isn’t just for the big players; it’s designed for everyone. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur starting an online store or an established company wanting to ramp up your marketing efforts, Sendinblue is your ally.

Its intuitive design ensures even those new to digital marketing can navigate with ease. So, if you’re keen on boosting your brand with features like drag-and-drop email design, comprehensive analytics, and targeted SMS campaigns, Sendinblue is worth considering.

Core Features Of Sendinblue

Email Template Builder

Crafting professional emails is a breeze with Sendinblue’s template builder. Its drag-and-drop functionality ensures you don’t need a design degree to create visually appealing content.

Email Workflow Builder

Automation is vital, and this tool streamlines it. You can design custom workflows that cater to your audience, ensuring they get the right message at the right time.

Sendinblue SMS Marketing

Sendinblue lets you tap into SMS marketing, offering another channel to engage your audience directly on their mobile devices.

Sendinblue CRM

Organizing contacts and managing relationships is simplified. Sendinblue’s CRM keeps everything in one place, helping you foster meaningful connections with your audience.

WhatsApp Campaigns

Sendinblue allows you to engage with customers on this popular platform, expanding your reach.

Facebook Ads

With Sendinblue, you can seamlessly set up and manage Facebook ad campaigns, targeting the vast user base of this platform.

Landing Pages

Create dedicated landing pages that convert. Whether it’s for a special promotion or a new product launch, Sendinblue’s tools make page creation simple.

Signup Forms

Grow your list effortlessly. Customizable signup forms can be integrated into your website or landing pages, capturing leads and growing your audience.

Email API

Sendinblue’s robust Email API allows for seamless integration with your existing systems, making sure everything runs smoothly in the backend.

Pros & Cons Of Sendinblue


  • Low-cost plans
  • Trustworthy email automation
  • Transactional email and SMS marketing tool
  • Brevo WordPress plugin
  • Free CRM software


  • Sending limit for free plan

Pricing Plan

For the marketing platform, Sendinblue offers four plans, including free, starter, business, and BrevoPlus. A starter plan costs you $25, a business plan costs you $65, and BrevoPlus is a customized plan. You can chat with the official team, and according to your requirements, they will make a quotation for you.

Conclusion – Final Verdict!

Sendinblue is a well-rounded platform that caters to businesses of all sizes and budgets. Its features, pricing plans and intuitive design make it an excellent option for anyone looking to automate their email marketing efforts. Thanks for reading!