Tubebuddy Review 2023 – Is It Worth Buying?

Tubebuddy review 2023

If you are getting fewer views on your YouTube videos even after spending dedicated time making exceptional videos, then Tubebuddy can help you reach your targeted views, manage and optimize your channel, and grow your subscribers.

With easy keyword research, tag suggestions, video optimization, A/B testing, and easy integration with your YouTube studio dashboard, it makes it super easy for you as a content creator to make a video, edit it, and optimize it to get more click-through and grow your channel.

In this Tubebuddy review, I’ll share with you what I like the most about this tool. Should you purchase it? It’s pros & cons, pricing plan, and every single detail that you need to know to make a proper and right decision.

What Is Tubebuddy?

To make it simple, I’ll tell you what’s the main role of Tubebuddy. It’s basically a Chrome extension that helps you run and grow your YouTube channel from scratch. The extension works on Android, iPhone, iPad, tablet, PC, and laptop. According to the current stats, tubebuddy helps you get 79% more views and 32% more subscribers, and it has a massive 10 million plus users rate.

Key Features Of Tubebuddy

Below, I have listed some of the most amazing and unique features that you’ll get after purchasing and using this particular tool. These include;

Keyword Research

TubeBuddy offers a comprehensive keyword research tool that plunges deep into YouTube search trends and offers you all the keywords, from long-tail keywords with low search volume to short-tail keywords with high search volume. It guides you on what your audience is really searching for, making it easier than ever to grow your YouTube channel.

SEO Meta Tags

I know you wonder why certain YouTube videos pop up first. It’s all about SEO meta tags. Use TubeBuddy, and it’ll hand you those meta tags on a silver platter, priming your YouTube video to rank higher. This feature of TubeBuddy is like having an SEO whisperer right in your ear.

Card Templates

TubeBuddy’s Card Templates allow you to save time, streamline your process, and maintain a consistent brand image.

Rank Tracking

Is your video a quiet superstar on YouTube search results? TubeBuddy’s rank tracking lets you monitor your video’s position, offering insights and actionable steps to climb higher in rankings.

Video A/B Testing

Which thumbnail draws more eyeballs? TubeBuddy can help answer that. With its Video A/B testing, you can compare two versions of thumbnails or titles and figure out what truly captivates your audience.

Bulk Processing

TubeBuddy’s bulk processing eases that task. Change descriptions, annotations, or cards across multiple videos in a snap. That’s YouTube management made efficient.

YouTube Studio Integration

There is no need to jump between tools; TubeBuddy integrates smoothly with YouTube Studio. With the TubeBuddy browser extension, every tool and feature sits conveniently in your YouTube dashboard.

Channel Management

TubeBuddy provides a suite of channel management tools right in the YouTube dashboard. Monitor analytics, track growth, and even communicate with subscribers—all from one place.

AI Tool

TubeBuddy’s AI tool suggests catchy titles, recommends shorts and even analyzes your thumbnails. When you install the TubeBuddy extension, it becomes your personal YouTube strategist.

Pricing Plan

You can choose between the Pro Plan and the Legend Plan with Tubebuddy. If you’re one of the YouTube producers who had to start from scratch, the Pro plan should be plenty for you. Interestingly, it’s also Tubebuddy’s most popular plan. If you want to purchase this specific tool on an annual basis, you will have to pay $3.99 each month instead of $4.99.

On the other hand, if you already have a YouTube account and would like to enhance your thumbnail, meta tags, and traffic—all in a professional manner—you can purchase the Tubebuddy Legend Plan, which costs $31.0 per month or $25.20 per month for an annual subscription.

Is Tubebuddy Worth Buying?

In our Tubebuddy Review 2023, we believe Tubebuddy is undoubtedly worth buying. For creators striving to grow their YouTube channel, the wide range of features it offers, from robust keyword research to effective video A/B testing, makes it a powerful tool in their arsenal. The easy integration with YouTube Studio simplifies channel management, and the AI tool becomes a valuable YouTube strategist. With both Pro and Legend plans reasonably priced, Tubebuddy offers cost-effective solutions for newbies and professionals alike.

Conclusion – Final Thoughts!

To sum up, Tubebuddy is a recommended investment for any YouTuber looking to optimize their content and boost their channel growth. We hope you like our guide and that it helps you decide whether or not Tubebuddy is the right tool for you.